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Here are some super nice things readers have said about The Sleeper Hit newsletter:

“I’m always excited when The Sleeper Hit lands in my inbox! It is like a welcome, fun letter from your most interesting friend, sharing updates about her life, links to good stuff on the Internet, and suggestions for pop culture to consume. As a fellow writer, I also really appreciate how Meryl shares advice and links to calls for submissions and pitches.” –Kerri Sullivan

“Meryl Williams is a true enthusiast. I always enjoy reading about her varied enthusiasms (writing, roller derby, TV, LaCroix, feminism, pop culture, etc etc etc) in her tinyletter and listening to her talk about them on her podcast. I’d be willing to bet that her most-used phrase is “That’s awesome!” We could all use a little more awesome in our lives.” –Abigail Welhouse

“I love Meryl’s newsletter because it’s full of interesting links to her work, in-case-you-missed-it stories, and looks at the publishing industry—but not so many that it’s overwhelming, like other newsletters I’ve since unsubscribed to. Her witty remarks and honest reviews of her work make it worth reading even if you don’t personally know her.” Liz Juranek

“I love reading The Sleeper Hit, it’s like getting a coffee with your smart, savvy friend who always has a pop culture discovery that’s bound to change your life (or at least make the weekend 500% more fun).” Margo

“I love getting The Sleeper Hit in my inbox, because it’s always full of links to interesting stories that I haven’t yet read!” –Nicole Dieker

“The Sleeper Hit is like having your podcast which I love so much – it’s like having beers with a friend and talking about shows/music/podcasts you have been consuming lately and what you need to check out. It is such a bright spot in my inbox because I enjoy your writing so much!” -Sarah Thornton

“I love your what you’ve been reading and loving list. I always find cool stuff!” Tess Malone

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