Texas Forever, a Friday Night Lights Podcast

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I co-host the Texas Forever Podcast with my friend, Liz Juranek. Each week, we recap and discuss an episode of the NBC mid-aughts show, Friday Night Lights. New episodes come out on Fridays, naturally.

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Head Over Heels, a GLOW Podcast

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I also co-host Head Over Heels, a limited run podcast series about Netflix’s GLOW with my friend, wrestling writer Harmony Cox. Following new seasons of GLOW, we cover each episode with guests in the TV world and/or women’s wrestling arena.

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My Other Podcast Guest Appearances:

The Sleeper Hit Podcast (2016-2018) (2020-present)


**The Sleeper Hit Podcast has returned a third season in 2020!** I hosted The Sleeper Hit Podcast, where guests talked about what’s underrated, over drinks. New episodes dropped every Monday, and Saintseneca provided the show’s theme song, “Sleeper Hold.” The show debuted July 25, 2016 and ran until early 2018.

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Fan Favorite Episodes of The Sleeper Hit Include:

#52: Megan Burbank & Birth Control (September 2017)


First-ever returning guest Megan Burbank schools us on birth control, and how it’s portrayed and misrepresented in politics. She also shares why what’s best for her or Meryl or you may not be best for everyone! Follow Megan on Twitter @meganireneb and sign up for her amazing newsletter, The Killjoy Report.

#50: Nicholas Dekker & “Grip It and Rip It” Traveling (September 2017)


Nicholas Dekker of Breakfast With Nick came on the show to advocate for “grip it and rip it”-style traveling, which is not for the faint of heart, but is maybe the best way to see the most of a new city. Listen to where he and his wife visited (and ate) on trips everywhere from Manhattan to Cincinnati’s Over-The-Rhine neighborhood.

#45: Amy Spears & Roller Derby (June 2017)


Ohio Roller Derby All-Star Amy Spears talks about the sport and how it’s changed over the last 10+ years of her career. Amy is a vet of the sport and is involved in the work of the Women’s Flat Track Derby Association (WFTDA). In today’s episode, she also shares a terrible first date story and cops up to something she loves that might surprise most people.

#39: Rob Harvilla & Grandaddy (March 2017)


Rob Harvilla is a staff writer for The Ringer and he loves the band Grandaddy. Listen to his interview about the band, as well as what it was like to work at a competing streaming service in the months just before Spotify’s arrival in the U.S. Follow Rob on Twitter @harvilla and read his writing about pop culture on The Ringer!

#33: Gabe Rosenberg & Fountains of Wayne (February 2017)


This week, WOSU digital reporter Gabe Rosenberg talks about his affinity for the band Fountains of Wayne. He shares his recipe for the best-ever spicy snack mix made from Trader Joe’s items, *and* he and Meryl become instant BFFs when Gabe praises Jenny Lewis. Follow Gabe @GabrielJR on Twitter!

#28: Margaret H. Willison & Canadian Lady Singers (January 2017)


Margaret H. Willison, host of the best 24/7 slumber party on Twitter, talks about three highly underrated women Canadian singers in today’s episode. Find Margaret on Twitter @MrsFridayNext and subscribe to her amazing newsletter, Two Bossy Dames! She also co-hosts a podcast called Appointment Television, all about the TV you want to make time for.