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Sign up for my writing prompts email series. Over the course of four weeks, I will send you one prompt every day. These are designed to get you freeform writing and thinking, and we’ll do some digging into your memories and see what sticks out or first comes to mind. Maybe most importantly, I’ll be that little reminder in your inbox every morning saying, “Hey! Take some time to write today.”

I love writing exercises like these when I get stuck. And if you’re like me, maybe you’ve found that you can get going a little easier with a prompt. You might start out your writing hour/day with a prompt and either let it take you where it wants, or use it as a warm-up for the writing project you’ve got going or are hoping to start.

Each week, you’re more than welcome to email me some of your work right back. These prompts are geared toward getting you to do some personal writing about yourself, and maybe you’re not going to want to share everything that comes out. But if you find you’re particularly proud of something or if you’d like some guidance, I’ll be here to offer feedback as much as possible throughout. At the end of 28 days, hopefully you’ll have the seeds of some great essays or blog posts. I’ll send you a follow-up email at the end of four weeks to see what you thought.

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Some nice words from #28DaysofWriting participants:

“#28DaysofWriting is a fun challenge for writers of all levels who want to push themselves to create more work and practice sitting down to write a little each day. The prompts are excellent for idea generation, whether you’re working on fiction or personal essays. It’s also a treat to read Meryl’s responses to the exercises and to get some friendly and helpful feedback on your work.”Kerri Sullivan, writer and photographer

“I found #28DaysofWriting to be incredibly useful in helping me draw out creativity. It was a productive break from my hectic days, forcing me to sit down with myself and fully engage in my thoughts.”Kennedy Coyne

“Meryl’s prompt service is creative, innovative, and inspiring. I highly recommend it, both for beginning and more experienced writers.” –Dr. Vivian Wagner, Muskingum University

“It was great waking up every day knowing I would have a brand new writing prompt waiting in my inbox! If you’re looking for inspiration, or feeling blocked, or just looking to get back into the habit of putting pen to paper or fingers to keyboard every day, I highly recommend this series.”Sarah Saunders

“Meryl provided thoughtful topics that helped me to actually get some ideas out of my head and “down on paper” so to speak. I definitely looked forward to receiving her new prompt each day.”Dee Fuentes

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